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Ponycup 2015 | The last one | Nykøbing Falster

2015-03-30 16 4,834 Vimeo

Ponycup 2015 were fantastic. I woke up that day with fever and still made the decision to go to Denmark to capture the event. Missed a lot of good tricks so this is not all that went down. Filmed with Canon 60D, EF 24-105, Edited in Premier pro CC. Results: 1. Nick Lomax – 1000€ (UK) 2. Stefan Alfano – (FR) 3. Theodor Reumert (DK) 4. Jacob Juul (DK) 5. Dano Gorman (IRE) 6. Fedor Simonov (GER 7. Bruce Varache (FR) 8. Frederik Kofoed (DK) 9. Daniel Nielsen (DK) 10. Richie Eisler (CAN)