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Jonathan + Yiqing [A Prewed Moment // The Naked Chef]

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How should we begin? We had great chemistry with Jonathan and Yiqing from the very first time we met. Sparks were flying all over. We thought the ideas they had for their Pre-Wedding video were somewhat different but yet exciting. They were inspired by the popular TV show 'Modern Family', which offers a honest and yet hilarious perspective of family life. And of course, we were absolutely excited and thrilled. As we had experiences shooting another TV show inspired (The Office) Pre-Wedding video before - which turned out really positive. Filming finally got underway. Their concept involved 1 couple and individual interviews each to squeeze all kinds of perspectives possible. Jonathan's dry humour and Yiqing's witty comments stroke together to form a perfect balance, which brought the best out of this concept. Most importantly, they were not afraid to make themselves look bad. One example was the scene when a piece of spinach stuck got stuck in their teeth during a date (based on true events!). 'The Pasta Chef' was another scene when they were not afraid to go all out just to make the video funnier. To entertain triumphed over being glamorous in this case. :P Throughout the process, our friendships developed and we chatted a lot in the days leading up to their wedding day. We are glad that this video turned out positively during the screening. Your guests enjoying and laughing make us prouder with our efforts. To share our beliefs, every couple have their own stories to tell, be it big or small. And it is always based on a true story, as it is in this case. Jonathan and Yiqing, now that your wedding is over, we are happy that you both have finally #maqingdowntheaisle, but sad that we may not meet another couple like you guys. We hope this video will bring back good (or funny) memories for you in the years to come, and how we started this short journey together as total strangers. :) XOXO, Rekord Haus Team Website: Blog: Email: 'LIKE' us on