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1 Minute: Blumenwalzer

2011-11-23 188 6,142 Vimeo

One minute of a music box mechanism as it plays out with the last of its winding. Lit with a bare 60W lightbulb. Shot with a GH1 + 58mm Helios-44M f2 + 1" extension tube. I took seven takes of this, as the amount of winding and previous stopping position influenced how much tune I would get before the spring ran out of energy. This one is take no.5. What [sort of] can't be seen here is a sheet of glass that is tacked inside the wooden music box to cover the mechanism. Its reflection-prone surface causes some hazyness, so I decided to turn up the contrast in-camera as much as I could - I didn't want it looking extra washed-out. Won Runner Up for "1 Minute: A Vimeo Weekend Project" on 24th November 2011.