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The "D" Show 2/16/12 (Extended)

2012-02-17 0 36 Vimeo

The "D" Show is an alternative news, politics, history, religion, and philosophical talk show every Thursday morning from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m, with your host "HD". Tune in to 91.5 FM, WPRK, the best in basement radio and the voice of Rollins College. This weeks extended edition of The "D" Show - featuring "HD" - with special guest DJ Wired & the other "HD" In the first half we discussed symbolism in pop & hip hop music, the pagan origins of Valentines Day, raw milk & 30,000 drones monitoring the skies over the U.S. In the second half of the show we discussed Erik Von Daniken's book 'Chariots of The Gods'