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[YGOPro] - Vanilla Pendulum

2014-05-12 106 2 4,242 YouTube

BGM Used: [1] 森羅万象 - anjir ______________________________­­________________ Decks played against: [1] 0:00 - Bujin (why do I always run into this, and scrubs no less) ______________________________­­________________ NOT MY IDEA. What you do is you draw your whole deck, then you do this, then drop your whole hand, then you make black cards, then... No seriously, that's what you do. You draw out your next wave of Pendulum Summons, then make three more Xyz. This deck is the definition of high pressure. You can overextend, then do it again next turn. Thanks, Konami. You can even OTK with this deck, though that should be a given when you summon FIVE MONSTERS A TURN. ______________________________­­________________ YGOPro Touhou Duelist's Circle: Nut_Kun - Marisa Madolche Puddingcess - Kokoro GrandmasterErwin - Sakuya Tenma Okazaki - Patchouli MoonlightComet - Aya Shyneet Magician - Alice Lunatic Hakurei - Reimu Alikaey - Byakuren Loveaiyi - Remilia Shio Ragnash - Flandre Legulusnesster - Nue TekashiMeikute - Rumia finalformsonic - Lunasa Prismriver TheSilverCrusader - Chen Fluffytots - Kaguya Ambksek - Ran Gemini Black - Tewi Toma Kachi - Renko Gallaticus Shining - Reisen NewVikingYGO - Utsuho Bowsori - Yuugi YGOPro-Droid - Tenshi brontome - Rinnosuke BlakjackShooter - Sanae Psychodell - Kasen Crow - Yukari (*new) Liūdnas Vakaras - Komachi (*new)