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AP Compact Developing Tank Unboxing

2017-05-23 16 0 1,228 YouTube

Watch The Unboxing Of The AP Compact Developing Tank In This 54th Episode Of Unbox With Alex Trinh! The AP Compact Developing Tank is used for developing black and white or color film used by a camera. This product comes with two film reels that you can load and develop. My quick and simple demonstration on how to load and unload film should be done in the dark room. The AP Developing Tank can be bought from Samy's Camera and if you are a student, don't forget to mention that to the staff for a 5% student discount! If you have any questions or comments, please utilize the comment section below! Please Like, Share, & SUBSCRIBE To My YouTube Channel For More Unboxing Videos! Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! It's Free!