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2013 TAP Nationals 8-Ball Teams - Cutler vs Gagne / Osborn vs Smith

2013-11-21 0 0 220 YouTube

Commentators: Daniel Busch, Tim Winosky Big Stix vs Duncannon Legion Robert Gagne vs Wade Cutler Ken Woodcock vs Scott Fuller That's How We Roll vs Gold Crown Diablos Greg Smith vs Jason Osborn The following video was recorded at the 2013 TAP Nationals Event in St. Charles, IL at The Pheasant Run Resort. if you have any comments or concerns about this video such as a spelling error or the absence of your Team's Name or Player Name, please leave a comment on this video or contact Daniel Busch at so that corrections can be made. Please remember to reference the 'Title' of the video for which you would like the corrections made. Enjoy this video and please subscribe to this channel for more action from The TAP League!