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[BEST UFO DOCUMENTARY] Over 30 UNEXPLAINED UFO Videos June-September 2014 CONFIRMED! Jackie Noise Bright UFO Original Link! ELMhurst INC. Strange V-Shape Formation Original Link Christian Lepe Check out L.A. Mass Sighting Original Link Electrifying UFO Sightings Captured During Major Lighting Storm Over Vegas!! Captured by Jimmy Hartzel check out his youtube channel! From Hel city at seaside in Poland! Captured On 14/9/2014. Submitted By Tom Kaźmierczyk Original Link Hong Kong Video Original Links To Anthony Youtube UFO Videos Second Sighting Baltic Sea Original Link Daylight UFOs Captured Over Sacramento! 2014 Google Maps Link,-121.44288&z=19&t=h&source=newuser-ws Alien Tech Found On Mars!!! Nasa Explain This!! Discovered By Lucas! Original Nasa link Special Report Watch Now! 9/16/2014 Special Thanks To Jerry Liu for on location reporting from Check Out His Youtube Channel Planet Mars! NASA Evidence Proof 2014 Incredible Enhanced Footage Watch Now! Original Photo At Nasa Link Cigar Shaped UFO Captured Over Napa Just After Earthquake! 2014 Video Interview Recorded On 8/24/2014 Via Skype With Alex Christinson While With Friends In The Napa CA Area Captures A Mysterious Object! Could This Be A Blimp,Balloon,Drone, You Decide! Francis Hudson Captures an Incredibly Bright UFO over Liverpool UK!! Captured with his Panasonic V550 90x Optical Zoom! Please leave your comment Below and share what you think it is! Mars Statue ISS Original photo link Gina's UFO Tracks Airliner Original Link! 4th of July Mass Sighting Original Link! 1080p Ufo over south Wales United Kingdom Matthew Fox Original Link DJI S1000 Drone Records UFO Over Utah Mountains! Nathanael Mulligan Ben Kinard Movement Productions Original Link If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook! Thirdphaseofmoon Album Paul Barrett Subscribe to my channel: Check out more videos: ▼ Follow me... Twitter: Facebook: Thirdphaseofmoon Radio Show Every Friday Night! Check Link for Details Thirdphaseofmoon Blog Official Thirdphaseofmoon Website! Check it out! Check out Our Blog For Exclusive Content Google+: Keep Your Eyes On The Skies!