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Kim Jong Un's visit to China (Korean Central TV Full Report - English)

Thanks to StimmeKoreas Report of Kim Jong Un's visit to China on KCTV. 2018.03.28 Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman

2018-03-30 446 YouTube

朝鲜太阳节大阅兵/North Korea Military Parade April 15th, 2017 Day of the Sun 105th Birthday of Kim Il Sung

2017-04-17 611 YouTube

Kim Jong Un trauert um Fidel Castro (Nov. 2016) Kim Jong Un mourns Fidel Castro

english version: Dank an Stimme Koreas

2018-03-03 73 YouTube

Nordkorea: Kostenloses sozialistisches Gesundheitssystem (deutsch)

Video in English: Dank an StimmeKoreas

2018-01-22 131 YouTube

North Korea: Socialist health care, free of charge (engl)

Video in deutsch: Thanks to Voice of Korea

2018-01-22 72 YouTube