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Honey Bees

The Crazy World of Honey Bees - Documentary Films

The Crazy World of Honey Bees - Documentary Films honey bees - keeping honey bees - the honey harvest 1 - setting up the hive. Honey Bees For Sale: Links to suppliers and information, plus..

2016-03-24 80,585 YouTube

Steam Powered Giraffe - Honeybee

Purchase CDs & Singles: © 2012 Steam Powered Giraffe LLC. "Honeybee" Lyrics Music & Lyrics by Isabella Bunny Bennett Composed by David...

2012-02-09 8,248,256 YouTube

Natural Honey Bee live underground

The nature of here it has rewarded a lot of people,The bee's nectar has properties for us cures hunger.

2017-06-20 4,222,639 YouTube

Keeping Honey Bees - The Honey Harvest 1 - Setting up The Hive

Part 1 - In this video we prepare our bee hive for removal of the honey. The crown board must be placed below the supers with Porter Bee Escapes. These escapes allow the bees to leave the...

2013-09-05 313,205 YouTube

Is KILLER BEE Honey Dangerous?!

Please SUBSCRIBE - Watch More - Is Killer Bee honey dangerous to eat or just dangerous to get?! On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote...

2017-05-26 13,032,018 YouTube

Honey collector stuffs thousands of bees under his T-shirt

If you suffer from melissophobia, or the fear of bees, this video is definitely not for you. It shows professional honey collector Suk Mahammad Dalal tapping a ...

2018-01-18 02:17 8 Dailymotion

Honey Bees Carry Pollen Pellets

Research has shown that Honey Bees both carry transport pollen between plants and bring it back to their hive for food. These balls of pollen are referred to as...

2017-11-27 00:41 32 Dailymotion

Harvesting Honey from Giant dangerous and waving himalayan honey bees

Harvesting Honey from Giant dangerous and waving himalayan honey bees...

2017-12-04 01:19 6 Dailymotion

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - Honey Bees

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - Honey Bees...

2017-11-15 10:36 9 Dailymotion

Honey Bees


2018-01-13 00:14 0 Dailymotion



2012-05-02 03:44 2,196 Vimeo

“Dance of the Honey Bee”

Bill presents the short documentary “Dance of the Honey Bee.” Narrated by Bill McKibben, the film takes a look at the determined, beautiful, and vital role ...

2013-04-19 06:41 38,368 Vimeo

Dance of the Honey Bee

A Miro Challenge final film from Peter Nelson Credits Produced, Directed, Photographed & Edited by Peter Nelson Original Music by John Powell Narrated by Bill ...

2013-02-19 06:09 61,440 Vimeo

Urban Honey Bees

Erica and Gabriel explain caring for a beehive....

2012-03-17 04:14 241 Vimeo

Honey Bees ♥ Saw Palmetto!

Look inside an ancient Saw Palmetto thicket as Honey Bees dance with joy upon the ripe fruit! Cameo by "Waggles" the fly! The music is "Dreamdance" by Dima Deep...

2010-09-22 02:45 497 Vimeo