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Steven Pinker on Sex Differences, Human Nature, and Identity Politics (Pt. 1)

Steven Pinker (Professor and Author) joins Dave to discuss his childhood and background, the ideas around gender equity, human nature, the effect of political correctness on the sciences, fr

2018-03-21 42,351 YouTube

Ben DJ - Sex On Fire (Lyrics) ft. Eon Melka

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2018-03-21 5,353 YouTube

Cultural Barriers In Our Same Sex Relationship | {THE AND} Aspasia & Tiff

Aspasia & Tiff, dating for a year and a half, sit down in Athens to explore how two people from vastly different cultural backgrounds can be in love. Tiff opens up about her struggles feelin

2018-03-21 11,340 YouTube

D.I.Y. Sex Appeal

Want to look your best on a budget? Here's how to give yourself a tan, a butt lift, bleached hair, fuller brows, bangs, a perm, and whiter teeth all from home. SUBSCRIBE for NEW VIDEOS EVERY

2017-11-22 760,345 YouTube

Sex eLimu: developing an app in Kenyan sign language with Oxford Dictionaries

Are you interested in using the Oxford Dictionaries API for apps involving sign language? Hudson Asiema (and his interpreter Silvia Muturi), the mind behind Sex eLimu, presents his truly inn

2018-03-21 221 YouTube

Julianne Hough Just Had Sex on Lip Sync Battle


2015-05-15 00:46 60,380 Dailymotion



2007-06-16 00:34 170,502 Dailymotion



2014-06-26 03:33 136,533 Dailymotion

sex in a washroom 2 boys are in shame less condition

sexy views in a wash room...

2015-04-21 01:18 146,679 Dailymotion

Sex And The City - Official Movie Trailer

Just released is the official Sex And The City movie trailer....

2008-03-06 02:30 125,759 Dailymotion


Produced for the Melbourne Museum for the Body Exhibition. Written, produced, directed and edited by Andrew Ferguson...

2009-08-13 01:18 1,002,388 Vimeo

Slugabed 'Sex'

Music video directed and animated by Chris Ullens for Slugabed's 'Sex' track on Ninja Tune. Commissioned for Ninja Tune by Martin Dobson Art direction assist...

2012-03-29 03:14 180,493 Vimeo



2017-02-24 08:21 311,227 Vimeo


Rotoscoped (Holly Michaels). From unfinished short animated film. Music: The Piano Bird by The Doors PATREON - TUMBLR - http://...

2015-09-01 00:13 162,006 Vimeo

Space Sex is Serious Business

We’ve done almost no research into this area, but human reproduction in space is going to be key to us living on Mars. See the full article here: http://five...

2017-03-15 03:58 422,679 Vimeo