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Kanji Inoki Arrives in North Korea Pyongyang, September 7 (KCNA) -- Kanji Inoki, member of the House of Councillors of Japan, and his party arrived here on Thursday. -0- Antonio Inoki.

2017-09-09 2,143 YouTube

Our Pride - Moranbong Band

Moranbong Band (모란봉악단) _ Footage: Korean Central Television & DPRK Today Visit our page in Polish language:

2015-12-10 13,397 YouTube

North Korean Girls Synchronized Swimming at the Olympic

북한 싱크로나이즈드 스위밍 - 민족의 넋, 조국통일념원을 담아 North Korean synchronized swimming team performs . 북한 싱크로나이즈드 스위밍 - 민족의...

2016-03-23 265,587 YouTube


朝鮮中央テレビ国際配信映像2015年10月26日ニュース ネタ解説はこちら (0:01:00) ファン・ビョンソが名誉称号授与の勅

2015-10-26 35,967 YouTube